7 Ways to Get Thousands of Hits to Your Website

102542020[1] I was feeling naughty today so thought up these 7 ways to ensure that you get hundreds  if not thousands of hits to your website.  Mind you it mightn’t convert but your Analytics will look good for a short period of time.

  1. Print a T-shirt with your business name in nice large font on it.  The next time you see Charlie Bird giving an interview stand subtly behind him.  It mightn’t make the final cut but you never know!
  2. If John 3:17 can do it so can you.  Next Championship match that goes on unfurl that 300 ft by 100 ft flag with your business website name on it.  The stewards will never cop on (well not for about 30 seconds)  Power tip is to have a bit of a scuffle and it might make the Sunday sports highlights.
  3. Your local airport has a nice long tarmac.  Get some local hoodlums to spray paint your website name on it.  Claim ignorance (hide the receipt for the paint, better still burn it)
  4. Streaking is back in fashion.  Lipstick + http:// + World Cup final tickets and off with you or better still one of those models they used for the Netherlands game.
  5. A more subtle way is to get on the next Just a Minute quiz and answer your business website name to every single question.  Radio listeners will be pecking in the URL as Ray D’Arcy tries to cut to commercials.
  6. Hire some good looking ladies, guys to wear those afore mentioned t-shirts but in a bit of a tighter fit to hitch a ride on one of those busy commuter roads.  I did not say rip the t-shirt repeat Not!
  7. There is an election coming up soon in Ireland.  Put yourself up for election under your website name “Vote for www.mycompany.com I am sure that you can think of some pithy election slogan.  You might even get elected.

I am available for consultation on this tricky topic at any time.  My price is 2 pints of Heineken and I will meet you in any bar you want in Cork.  I will be the guy with the tight t-shirt, spray paint on his hands and bruises from a recent scuffle with stewards.

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