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About Grange Web

Grange Web provide everything from brochure sites to online eCommerce website design.  We do the design, development, deployment and project management.

We also understand that your first business website can be a daunting task as you have no idea what is involved and it can be quite confusing.  We work really hard to make it clear what is involved and try and remove as much of the confusion as possible.

If you are looking for Internet marketing advice then we can help there as well.

We provide smart understandable packages for Internet marketing including search engine optimisation which improves your search engine visibility.  This is critical today for your business as websites can’t survive without this being part of your plans.

Who Are You?

avatarcircleKieran Daly

The word expert is bandied around a lot but I am an expert in delivering Internet projects to clients who want to get online and be successful. I  have many many happy clients who can testify to the work we have done together.  Happy clients are the backbone of my business.

If you want to read more check out my Linkedin Profile.  This shows my professional background before I started this business.


Who Are We?

I use several locally based Cork designers who produce many of the designs that I then develop into websites They do beautiful work and are an essential part of my business.

I do all the Internet marketing, training and development work and I am your main point of contact for projects and project management.

Anything Else?

Check out my  page where I try and write somewhat sensibly.