About Grange Web

I first started creating webpages in 1993.  Yes that far back.   The Internet was in its infancy.  I and no idea that 20 years later I would be doing it as a business but like then every day I am amazed at what is happening in the Internet and even then I knew that it would be a core part of business and communication.  I set up Grange Web 5 years ago to help SMEs get online with websites that would help them make money and generate new business.panel

Here are the requests that we deal with every day that we can help with

“I need a basic website. Simple, yet elegant and a remarkable presence on the Internet.”

“I just want to get online quickly on budget”

“I need a corporate website with simple easy to use Content Management System. No special skills or training needed please”

Our unique service proposition is that once you approve our proposal we can deliver great websites often in under a couple of weeks clients who are ready to be online and on the phone to answer our questions.  If you are under deadline pressures we excel at this.   Correction we will knock your socks off.

Our Proposition

We deal with a wide range of budgets and requirements.  We do everything from theme and template installs and customisation to complete designs of every single page on your site.

Talk to us and we will work out what we can do for your budget.

We pride ourselves on regularly delivering smart quick websites for SMEs who just want to get online as much as we deliver theatre company websites who want to display their full range of performances down through the years.

The Technology

You won’t have to worry about this – we make it transparent to you.  You don’t  have to be technical minded to manage your website.  Being able to use a mouse and type will be enough.

We develop and design websites mainly using the WordPress CMS with some work in Drupal and Joomla.  We use WordPress as it meets 99% of people’s requirement.  We are fans of Drupal and Joomla too but WordPress has slowly but surely started to dominate the CMS marketplace through regular updates and feature upgrades.