About Grange Web

Kieran-Daly-Website-DesignerI think I created my first web page 5 minutes after Netscape released their first browser in 1994. I have forgotten how many web pages and hours in front of a computer I have spent since then learning and loving all things web.

Grange has been delivering websites for businesses since 2008 and we have grown and expanded both our client base and expertise in the time.  WE are now a team of 4 people (3 full time and one part time) and hope to grow a little more (maybe one more) in the coming year or so.

Our customer base is in Ireland, UK and International (a handful to be honest in US, New Zealand and one recently in Chile!)

Our Promise

Our promise is to deliver a website to you that you really really love.  One thing to note is that we are the design and development experts and we know what works and what doesn’t.  Don’t be offended if we reject your ideas or examples from website that you like.

Nearly all of our customers recoup their costs of design and development in the first 12 months and some much much quicker once they follow our marketing mailing list tips.

Quality, Mission and All that Other Stuff

We work really really hard on our projects as we know happy customers send us more customers.  Nearly 80% of our business is referral and we don’t want to piss you off and also want to deliver a product that delights.

If you want to work with us click the Contact link up top right and lets talk or even better ring me on 086 812 7999 (Office Hours please!), email I pick up all the time.