Best Website for Your Budget

All customers have budgets for their websites.   Whether it be €100 or €10,000 there is a number that is available to market your business online.

It is  a confusing landscape and hard (often impossible)  to work out the costs and also to choose the best company and technical option that suits you.. If you do not work with the Internet and computers regularly you can be completely bogged down with terminology that people throw at you.

The Fixed Costs

Companies are closing everywhere but still frantically want to get online.  It can be frustrating to not get a price for a website but one thing is for sure you will always have fixed prices and these need to be put in your budget up front.  Here is s simple list to keep in mind

  • Hosting which is a yearly cost
  • Domain registration also a yearly cost
  • Design – if you can’t afford a design then think of using a theme from someone like Themeforest.  We customised the Cuban Food Blog using this approach recently
  • Logo – Don’t  have a logo then you can just go with some simple typographical text that looks well.  Hint – think of doing it as it will be useful across many other areas).
  • Will I be adding content my self or will I have to pay someone.  Not planning to add  content.  This is a bad idea. Content is important.
  • Support costs for when you have a question and problem
  • Feature additions for when you want to add some new website design feature you may have seen somewhere.
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