Website Update Service

I  have been in business now for several years and as a result I have a lot of live websites and customers out there.  As my customer base grows so has the potential to get calls from you with enquiries, changes and questions.

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 11.25.26There was a time when I could spare 1-2 hours to answer your email,  login into your system, troubleshoot your issue and sort it out.  In fact I was happy do do so.

However this is now no longer the case.

On the left you will see the time on Toggle I spent yesterday sorting out a small issue.

I have an ongoing book of work that suffers if I spend unpaid time on your issue.  Last week alone I handled over 10 different small issues.  My Skype beeps, email bings and phone rings with questions or support regularly.

The sum total hours for these last week came to over 12 hours between emails, investigation and resolution (a couple are still ongoing).

Often the issue isn’t an issue it is a quick fix and is a development  change and this is then a small project that I have to scope and give you a proposal.

Since January 2014 all  my proposals have given 60 days free support after the site goes live.  After that period you pay an hourly fee for support.


One off Support Fee

If you have an issue I will log it and spend up to one hour investigating it and debugging it.  My hourly rate for this is €45.  If I have not solved it within this time I will let you know and you pay me for a second hour.

If not completely it is a serious issue then I will quote you a more reasonable project rate as it may take a longer time to resolve.

I solve 99% of problems or small changes pretty quickly. But some can take more than an hour.

The price is non negotiable and the first hour is paid in advance.  Once I receive the payment I start work.

Recurring Support

If you wish you can sign up for a recurring support plan with me.