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eCommerce Website Design

Bill Chase Deelish Garden Centre - 
We had a pretty terrible website that we never updated.  We were just too lazy.  Then we got Grange to come along and help us develop one to sell plants and seeds online.  Kieran was patient with our needs and worked really hard to make our website work for us.  The website has now paid for itself in modest yet steady sales.

We didn’t expect to conquer the world and in fairness Kieran told us that our sales would be of the modes variety.  We had covered our outlay in about 4 months and 2 years later Kieran still speaks with us regularly to catch up and see how we are doing.

Brian – ProMusica Cork- We had an ecommerce website that basically wasn’t working and to be honest we were unhappy with the provider we had. Kieran put a Magento shop in place for us with a new design.  Kieran visited us regularly and was always at the end of a phone to answer questions and many times came into us to show us what to do or change easily.  We are delighted with the websie now and it is part of our business

Kieran still pops into the shop as he is a customer as well and we rarely have to call him but he is there if we need him.

Hanleys Garden Centre.  We had thousands of products and many many different suppliers.  To pull it all together meant having someone here in the store for a lot of hours working with our suppliers as we didn’t know the questions to ask in many cases.  Kieran predicted this and set an accurate timeline for Go Live.  He was only a week late but advertised this week delay two weeks out so we lost the bet on that one!

The site is live now for 6 months and we find that people use it as much as a research tool as a shop.  We are growing sales gradually but many people come into the shop having done their product research on the website and checked the prices.


You want to get a website and sell lots of products and make a profit.  That unsurprisingly is the goal of every ecommerce website owner. Lets get you started on the right path to accomplishing this.

More and more people are turning to the Internet now hoping to make money.  You won’t accomplish this by  just putting a well designed eCommerce site online   Of course the site is the place where people will come to do business but you need to get them there to visit in the first place.  This can be achieved by a number of methods that the best online shopping stores use all the time.

The common misconception is that you create a website put up some products, make it live and wait for  emails in your inbox telling you that you have made a sale.  Nothing could be further from the truth. 

Selling something on line is a  difficult process.  The key word here is process.  It is an ongoing effort to market online and promote your business. As more people buy online they are becoming more and more discerning about their purchasing decisions.

Your customers are being exposed to clever marketing through social media, email and from the website when they arrive.  If you have ever purchased something from Amazon you have experienced how they do it brilliantly.

You may be subscribed to emails like Groupon where you get a regular set of offers.  If you use Facebook or Twitter you may see regular marketing messages driving people to websites to perhaps make a purchase.

So where to begin.  You should start with your email list.

Using Email to Send Visitors to Your eCommerce Site

EMail is still one of the most powerful marketing tools that exist.  Creating an email list and an effective email campaign and newsletter will be one of the most important strategies that you will use.

People open and read their email regularly.  Most businesses read email several times per day.  When they sign up for your email they are giving you  permissionto contact them so you need to so effectively and well.

The best newsletters are those that solve peoples problems and give them answers.

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Using Social Media to Drive Your eCommerce Marketing

with social media platforms like Twitter you can also build your audience over time.  This is not a license to send people to your  eCommerce site as this will just annoy people.  You have probably seen people who do this constantly sending links to their website and it is just one big huge pain.

Online marketing  involves a lot of different strategies from  optimising your content, social media, newsletters, and a myriad of other techniques.  You may not be an expert in these but you should think of using the right professionals to help you do this.

You need to provide value.  What does this mean?  You need to become a valuable resource with your network online.

But first of course you need to build this network and use social media effectively.

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Effective  eCommerce Website Design

There are tons of same old same old eCommerce websites out there with the same look and feel.  you know the ones grids of products and a banner pushing some offer.  You need to stand out from the pack and an effective website design will help with this.

 eCommerce websites are more complex than a typical brochure website design.  Many businesses don’t  even start the process as they are put off by the technologies and confused by the steps involved.

We want the process to be easy and as comfortable for you as is possible.  IT can be confusing but our goal is to make it as clear as possible for you what is involved in terms of time, cost and technology

The first part of any eCommerce website design project is to understand the entire scope of work and create a  plan of action as to what is required and who is responsible for every part of the project. We create a project timeline that you can understand and you know when your site is going to be online and when this new revenue stream will be open for you leaving no details to chance.

Product Planning

There is a temptation to put every single product in your shop or catalog online. This may not always be the best idea.  Whether  you have 20 or 20,000 products available for sale you need to plan carefully how you manage your product catalog.  You need to think which products are best online and can sell.  Are you in a position to ship persihable goods.  Do you have all the packaging you need to deliver more fragile goods? Do you have a trusted courier that wil deliver on time?

It is a bad idea to start thinking of these  things when you receive the first order.

eCommerce Technologies

The temptation to rush and choose a technology without a plan and product strategy is tempting and nearly always wrong.  We spend hours working with our clients to work out even the simplest of plans.  The word plan may scare you away but doing a good plan up front makes a huge contribution to the project success.

eCommerce Project Management

A clear project plan ensures that your eCommerce site rolls out smoothly. We outline all the tasks and time to deliver each one so that you know where what is happening and can be comfortable on when your site is going to go live.

There are many tasks required to happen to allow a site go live from engaging with payment gateway providers, product setup, and design decisions    We checklist a long list of items to make sure there are no surprises.