Facebook is not the Web

A worrying trend I see over the past number of years is that fact that with the dominance of Facebook with what I call non IT literate people who don’t spend every waking hour in front of a PC is that they think Facebook IS the web.  Likewise they think the Google search bar is the Address bar for a site and this is where they put in domain names.

It may be easy to snigger at this but SEO professionals and website designers need to consider this and cater for it.  You need to make sure that you have crisp titles,  good meta descriptions (even though they do not factor in search they do factor in decisions to click).

For Facebook the effort put into creating a powerful landing page is worth it if your audience uses Facebook.  I encourage businesses to think about Facebook but if your target audience does not use then it should not be a priority.

If it is however you should spend the time and effort in marketing your business and making the Facebook page a place people would want to visit and engage with you and your brand.

Facebook is the number one choice for social login and its gains over the past two years have it now approaching 50 percent penetration among social login services, a new study shows. In analyzing at the 365,000 websites that use its services,  Marketing Land

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