Going Pro as a Website Designer – Go To Apps

For a website design company although the quality of the development and design is of course important there are some things that  can really help you and any company for that matter deliver a great customer experience. Below are three applications that I use... Read More

Website Spam eMails

Websites are prone to attack for spammers who are looking to send spam emails from your site.  You should be aware of your website security and ensure that your passwords are updated and secure enough. If a spammer gets access to your site he can... Read More

How to Choose the Right Domain Name

People worry endlessly at the start of a project about what their website or domain name should be.  Should it be something like “” or should it be a more of a branded name “”.  I have had customers spend weeks going back and... Read More

The Best Tip To Get Found On Google

How can you ensure that clients find your website when they’re searching online? Getting to Google’s top page takes more than a well-built website and keywords. It’s all about creating something that provides value to people, not just to Google bots. Your goal is... Read More

How Much Will My Website Cost?

All our clients want value for money and are eager to get a quote and price quickly. Value for your money is important, but pricing a website has many parts and not all are just design and development. So, let’s dissect a little the... Read More