Podcast Time

I am starting a Podcast. A short sentence for a lot of work ahead.  I have thought about doing this for an age and done nothing.  I love podcasts and listen to them most days.  They are so easy to consume and I thought I... Read More

Make That Bit Blue

Near the end of a design phase conversations between us and the customer goes something like this: Can you make that bit darker? Could you change the colour of the navigation a little bit? Can you put my Facebook logo a bit more to the right?... Read More

Top 5 SEO Myths

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) the methods used to help websites rank on search engines is a mix of technical knowledge, tons of hard work doing research, testing, measuring and trying different methods to help your site rank on search engines. The average person who uses a... Read More


In recent years we have been working more and more with clients to create the content for their websites and in some cases to create ongoing content like blog posts and new product and service information. Even though they have the system to allow... Read More

Becoming an Internet Marketer

The call usually comes in 2-3 weeks after we deliver the signed off website. Hi thanks for the website it is looking great but I haven’t had any contact yet on it.  What is wrong why isn’t it working? The actual language varies but you get... Read More