User Experience In Website Design

  User experience in website design is a concept that has many dimensions, and it incorporates a bunch of different disciplines that include design, information architecture, visual design, usability and human-computer interaction.  These concepts might befuddle some of us, but these days it is... Read More

Where To Begin With Your Website?

The constant battle of a website owner is whether his existing or potential website will work for them. They worry about the theme, the platform, the best plugin to do a certain thing, how they can make money what is the best colour scheme, should... Read More

Get Your Marketing Started Yesterday!

Yesterday Seamus rang me (real name Seamus).  He has a painting business and was looking for a website.  No surprises there this is what we do! But unlike 4-5 years ago Seamus is no longer just looking for a professional looking website so that he can... Read More

Podcast Time

I am starting a Podcast. A short sentence for a lot of work ahead.  I have thought about doing this for an age and done nothing.  I love podcasts and listen to them most days.  They are so easy to consume and I thought I... Read More

Make That Bit Blue

Near the end of a design phase I have conversations with our customers that are triggered by questions like this: Can you make that bit darker? Could you change the colour of the navigation a little bit? Can you put my Facebook logo a bit more to... Read More