Internet Marketing

If you opened a High Street shop you wouldn’t expect people to flood in the doors in the first days or even weeks.  You might publicise it using radio, newspapers, flyers, signage on the street.

When customers  did come into the shop you would want the products to be presented well, be easy to find and the shop to be such that it would encourage them to spend time browsing and perhaps make a purchase.

The same principles apply to your website and how you should Internet marketing.  A website is like a high street shop, except of course online.

Like the shop example just because you have a great website doesn’t give you the right to get new visitors.  We meet lots of customers with great websites and no visitors.

This is where Internet marketing comes into play. Publicising your business online and making your website work for you when visitors actually arrive is the combination of many different activities.


Doing these consistently and well is what differentiates you from the competition.  Whether you are a large company or a sole operator you need to develop a strategy that suits you, your market and your goals.

We have both the skills and expertise to help you. We have been helping businesses perform better online for many years and understand what works and doesn’t.  Every business is different and we work with you to develop an approach that matches your market and your budget.

We understand that you haven’t the time and we can do it consistently, repeatedly and to a high standard

Choosing not to have a marketing plan and still wanting to succeed online really isn’t an option.  You need to allocate time and budget to market your online business.  

Choosing not do it means you just have that shop that nobody will visit.