Finding Time to Write Content

My website customers don’t want to read hundreds of pages and blog posts about SEO. Likewise they don’t want to page through many Slideshare presentations about content creation and improving their social media presence. However too many of them still think that getting good ranking is down to just getting links back to their site.

Writing content is something that is elusive to people to understand but is something that should be a staple part of your website habits. It is isn’t hard it is about developing a habit. I would recommend setting 15 minutes aside per day for just writing or updating content on your website. For instance I sat down to write this post at 15:00 on March 12th. It may be updated multiple times around the time of its creation and over time I will revisit it to make tweaks and changes.

As today’s topic was about how to write content for your site I decided that I would show you some of my sources of inspiration for creating website posts. I bet in your own niche you could find a similar list. I refer to these sites on a daily basis quickly using my Google Reader to go through a list of my favourite sites on website design, HTML and SEO to read what is happening in this space. Often my posts are a summary of what I read there.

Sources of Content on Content Creation.

I have been reading Problogger for several years and he writes both well and simply. What he writes is practically a Diploma course on blogging. Although from time to time I get a bit cynical about Seth Godin it cant be denied his simple short and easy to read style does provide good ideas on tightening up your business model and he writes excellent blog posts. I also like to read Copyblogger who is from the same school of thought as Problogger as they write uniquely on writing content it self.

Their mantra is simple. Sit down write – get ideas – produce and keep producing. Initially it IS hard but over time you develop a habit and really and truly get better at it. Write to a particular audience and speak to hem. For instance some of my audience are first time website owners who really are enthusiastic and want their website do do well but really don’t know how to best approach it.

I write to show them at least the best way to produce content that is both useful for their clients and also helps with their search engine rankings. I was chatting to my brother on Skype today and he was asking how he could make money on line. I said write 3 excellent articles per day of 300-500 words in length for 60 days. He thought I was pulling his leg. I wasn’t. I said for him to find a niche that he could write this volume of material on, set the time aside and hammer it out.

Now the length isn’t prescriptive but it is a target. If you run out of steam at 150 don’t cry. Just make sure it is readable and interesting. You can always go back and edit it.

If you think I am wrong then in Matt Cutts from Googles Blog on the topic of SEO he re-iterates this point repeatedly. Simply put write interesting content.

SEO Expertise

The world of search engine optimisation is constantly changing and I take the lazy option 9 times out of 10 and read SEOMoz and SearchEngineLand alone to keep up to date. These blogs provide but a technical and informational look at SEO. Some of it may be a little high brow for some but with these two as primers most questions can be at least touched on for SEO and some of the approaches. Like most sites it isn’t a definitive resource and you can find a lot of equally good sites out there but I find these have a most of what I need on a weekly basis.

Again these especially SEOMOZ preach the same mantra. SEO is a job and is not magic button Internet marketing. You get up in the morning, have a plan and work to it. I accept that you may have heard of a technique in social, content or link building that I have not heard of. It may be right or it may be wrong but the activity in testing this is the hard work and where most people don’t pass go.

It is now 15:46 and by my WordPress blog count I have written 705 words on content creation and SEO. I plan to revise this again and have put a reminder to do so in about a week but it is done and one more blog post is under the belt. It may have flaws, it might not even be interesting to you but I have started the process and will do many more times this week and next week and the week after. Will I write 3x7x30? Not sure but it is a good start.

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