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Free Site SEO Audit 

Lots of SEO and Internet marketing companies offer free SEO audits.  Here is what they do.  They copy your URL and paste it into a paid tool that pops out an SEO audit and then they send it to you.  That isn’t an SEO audit that is an SEO report.  Here is what we do for free for you as part of my free SEO audit for your site.

  • Copy your URL and paste it into a paid tool that generates a top level report.
  • Manually review your site to see how it is performing in search
  • Document the top 5 points that you should address right now to improve your performance (some of this may have come out in the automated report)
  • Arrange a call with you (Skype) to review this report.

Of course it would be great if this you decide to work with me to help address SEO issues. But more importantly what this process does is kick start your SEO planning and not just give you a report that you file with all the other reports

Ready to get going?

The perception amongst people who are just encountering Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for the first time or have a passing knowledge of the term is that it is a checklist of activities that when executed correctly will ensure that a website ranks for a variety of search terms and the job is done.

It is definitely true that is a core set of activities should not be neglected for any online business to improve its search engine presence However there is far more to SEO than just ticking off a list of activities, and it is rarely a process that has a start a middle and an end.

Every business area is unique and different tasks and strategies apply as a result.

Of course, some of the checklist tasks do deliver results in the initial days and weeks but it as we get to the more competitive side of a business that these activities become less checklist and more strategic. 

The approach of most Internet marketing and SEO companies combines a mix of activities and we are no exception to this.  It involves a mix of technical SEO, Internet marketing, outreach and content creation to fuel your online presence.

We also emphasise to all our customers it is not just your website but several other channels (social, outreach, PR and so on) that will benefit you.  Doing research in your area, working with you to understand your business and an ongoing relationship is what delivers superior results.