How Blogging Can Help Your Internet Marketing

Blogging for Your BusinessBlogging is the task of writing online typically using a content management system.  Sometimes the term can scare business owners off as they associate it with technical experts writing deep articles on Internet topics.  This cannot be further from the truth.

With the arrival of content management systems being able to blog regularly in the areas of your business in clear specific language that appeals to your customers can bring a valuable information source to your customers.  The Internet is now all about excellent content being delivered to your customers.  If you aren’t doing this then you need to find the time to do it today.

Finding the Time for Writing

I go through complete peaks and troughs about blogging.  Some weeks I blog regularly and others I just go for weeks on end without doing anything.  The solution to this is to write posts when you are motivated,  get them down and schedule the posts for a regular schedule over time.

WordPress again allows you to schedule posts which is a life saver.  You can queue up several posts to be delivered during the week and shared with your customers online through social media channels like Facebook

Keywords the Myth

One of the myths that is propagated still to this with those not familiar with the Internet is that you should plug your pages with keywords (called keyword stuffing) to help you get better ranking on search engines.

It does help to make sure that your page or post is related to a specific topic but it is a big mistake to try and squeeze in one keyword many times.  In the first place it looks ridiculous and in the second you can be penalised rather than rewarded for doing this on your site or blog.

The advantage of a technology like WordPress is that for an article like this you can with some simple uses of categories and titles you can create a nice structure of information that shows that you have created a repository of information and again tells Google that you at least have created content in this area.

It is more important to create good or great content than create tons of keywords stuffed pages that look like dross.

Only the Beginning

This of course is only the beginning but is a simple step in the right direction.  I regularly refer to the Yoast site which has some top notch tips on WordPress SEO and I have not even implemented a small percentage of his tips.

What is Most Important

What is most important is that people find your articles interesting.  If it is full of boring rubbish then using a blog to try and rank will ultimately fail as you will run out of energy trying to write content just to fill the pages.


Here are some links to some other areas where you can learn about blogs, SEO on WordPress and SEO in general.

Last But Not Least

If you are in a competitive niche then on page will not be enough.  Don’t rely on this alone.  Don’t go off and sulk because you wrote 300 articles perfectly worded 3 times a week on goldfish farming and nobody came to your site.  If Goldfish farming is a competitive keyword with large search volumes you will have an SEO strategy.

Additional Note:

15 seconds after posting this I ranked for Goldfish Farming Cork – I am off to retire now as I also rank for Bnana Picking Ireland

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