Business Website

If you are looking for a very simple website that has 4-5 pages of content then we have something even better for you.

A website with an unlimited number of pages.   All our websites offer this feature so you are not limited by this constraint.  This is through using a content management system (we use WordPress, Drupal and Joomla leading systems).  So you needn’t worry about number of pages.

  • Contact form for your customers to contact you.  You see these on all sites these days and we will put one or more in place for you
  • Map to your business location using Google Maps.  This usually goes in your contact page.
  • As many email addresses as you want.  We will forward these to your current email address so you can still use that.
  • Website traffic reports that show the number of visitors and where they are coming from (using Google Analytics)
  • Customisable menus that you can modify and change yourself.  You can literally move the menu item yourself and if you wish to turn on or off a menu item you can.
  • Domain name and hosting for one year

We can deliver a wide range of additional features that you may have seen on other sites so just call us to discuss it.

Editing Control in Your Hands

easily edit your website

Even though you may only initially want 4-5 pages for your site we provide a system that allows you to add and change as many pages  of content as you wish and edit them easily.  You can literally have thousands of pages.  We use some of the leading content management systems to deliver this to you.  Some of the biggest websites in the world use identical  technology.  The code for this is open source so there is no additional fee for using it after we install it for you.

Contact us to discuss your particular website design needs as we understand that each site is different and you have particular sites that you have liked and would like to base your design on.

Detail on Your New Website Features

For most people however it is their first time going into the website arena and there is a lot of terminology that they don’t understand.   Lets look at some of the terms.

Domain Name and Hosting

You will need a domain name to get started.  Other terms that you may hear used interchangeably for this term are the following

  • URL (Universal Resource Locator)
  • Web Site Address
  • Home Page
  • Landing page (not completely accurate but still used)

We can help you register your business domain name.  There is a yearly fee for this.  Domain names are issued by companies called domain registries and you pay for this yearly.  If you want to put your website live on the Internet you need secure online storage called hosting for the site.  Hosting is also a yearly charge.

Website Design

We design most of our websites from scratch using inputs from you from our Quote page and from discussions.  We look at your business, websites that you like and dislike and who your target customers are.

We then develop a design of what the home page and other pages might look like and when you are happy with this we convert this into the website.

Website Development

The development is when we code the website to the above CMS and structure the pages to your liking.  With a CMS you add all the content text and images.  It is as easy as typing an email and you can insert images and video in all your pages.

You end up with a website that matches your design and allows you display all your business and product information.


If you want some level of support you an sign up for one of our support packages.  We would love to provide support free of charge but we have many websites and have to charge a small monthly fee to be able to help you.  It is worth it and we find that once you start using the site regularly you will eventually not need our support.