Websites That Last the Test of Time

I was doing some  snooping around some website design blogs in the past few days and I was wondering (as one does) how many posts the top bloggers both for copywriting and technology had on their sites as most people now acknowledge that content is a key part in helping you with ranking.

Below is a table of results for some of the sites that I actually like and read with an estimate of the number of pages on their site.

In most cases they have been blogging prolifically for years and in nearly all cases creating content every day.  Not all of these are web design blogs either but they are interesting as they cover copy writing, marketing and in the case of the first link in A List Apart the semantic web.

Getting the discipline in place to blog as regularly as the people above is hard and putting the work into getting the content in place.  A blog can deliver great value to your customers.  Think of the last time you googled something and there was the answer that someone put the time and effort into writing the content down and it saved your day.  You possibly bookmarked it or even printed it out.

When I first started writing content the word blog didn’t even exist and it was on the Motorola Intranet in Cork Ireland where every day I wrote some new technical briefing on some topic related to cellular technology.  This was written using a simple HTML editor or text editor and there was no formatting tools available like in the WordPress CMS to help with layout and structure.  You had to know HTML or you were out of  luck.

I enjoyed doing and even though the word wasn’t coin then it was actually a little Wiki of facts.  I also used to write a section on the intranet about what to do in Cork which dated pretty quickly.  But the page that made me most proud was little page that I wrote keeping track of people that had left the company with the date of their leaving and an email contact if the had left.  I titled it “Gone But Not Forgotten”.  I bumped into someone from the company (when it was still open) nearly fourteen years after I had left and they were still keeping the page up to date.  I was amazed and over the years it had had multiple people keeping it up to date.  The reason it was kept up to date was that it was a useful page and people wanted the content.

It quite inspired me that such a page still stood up to the test of time and helped me to reinforce the message that good content does stand the test of time.


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