10 Reasons Why Google Ads Make Sense

Google Ads are a shortcut to the top of relevant Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). If you’re new to Google Ads and don’t know what they are, you should check out this Google Ads explanation post. In a nutshell, Google Ads are a way to pay for your content to be within the top results on Google pages, and thus increase clicks, website visitors and sales.

But why would you choose Google Ads over other online marketing and SEO strategies? Here are ten reasons why Google Ads make sense!

#1: Google Ads are fast!

Google Ads are a quick way to the top of SERPs compared to SEO strategies. If you want to get to the top of these pages in the quickest time possible, you need to choose Google Ads. However, this doesn’t give you permission to ignore organic SEO. Your website and other content should do both.

#2: They have massive potential

Another reason why choosing Google Ads makes sense is the colossal reach that Google offers. Over five billion searches take place on Google every day, meaning your market is out there in droves.

#3: Easy to monitor

It’s exceptionally easy to monitor the performance of Google Ads – including the finer details. You have the power to uncover who is clicking your ads, what keywords are benefiting the content the most and how your overall lead generation is going, among other things. Compare this to other marketing adverts, such as TV or radio ads which cannot be monitored and adjusted based on data.

#4: Stay within budget

When you choose Google Ads, you pay Google for every time someone clicks on your ad based on your bid. The cost for a single click is very small most of the time, although some legal companies are paying almost $1,000 per click for some long-tail keywords. However, you can always add daily budget limits to your Google Ads so you never go over budget.

#5: They’re scalable

Google Ads are completely scalable. You can adjust your bids based on the prior success of your Google Ads, meaning you can decrease it if the content isn’t quite right and needs changing or increase your bid amount when things are going well to get right to the top.

As your business grows, so can your Google Ads. It’s a two-way street!

#6: They work even when they don’t

Google Ads work even when the internet user doesn’t click on your ad… confused? Well, when your ad sits at the top of the page, everyone who visits that SERP is first confronted with your company name and SEO description for the web page, probably describing your product or service.

Even when users don’t click on your ad, they’re still exposed to your business and its branding. Therefore, Google Ads contribute to your brand recognition. The only downside to this is it’s not effectively measurable – but it’s still happening.

#7: Google Ads can be highly targeted

Using Google Ads doesn’t just enable your content to be seen by the people who search for relevant SEO keywords. You can target who sees your Google Ads by location, language, time of day. And you can filter out close keyword matches that are not likely to bear any fruit. In this sense, they are similar to some social media advertisement strategies.

#8: More space for Google Ads

Google Ads account for a large portion of Google’s revenue. The money they make from selling space at the top of SERPs is significant. So, it’s no surprise that these spaces are increasing so Google can capitalise on the demand. This can be frustrating to those who are putting the hours in creating lots of organic SEO content, but it does make Google Ads even more worthwhile.

#9: Google Ads sell more than organic SEO

The jury is still out on this one, but some research shows that Google Ads content is more likely to convert readers into buyers and subscribers compared to organic SEO content. There could be an explanation for this. The pages that Google Ads send the user – typically landing pages – use a highly persuasive copywriting style to get people to take action fast. It’s called direct response copywriting and could be making a difference on conversion rates.

#10: You’re in competition!

And the final reason that using Google Ads is smart is that your competitors are likely using them. Even the best organic SEO content won’t be able to get above your competitors if they’re already using Google Ads that target the same SEO keywords or phrase. If you can’t beat them with organic SEO, you need to join them!