Anatomy of A Perfect Landing Page

In my opinion, every page on your website should be built with a landing page mentality.  By this I mean you should be encouraging people to take some action when they arrive on your page.  The actions you want them to take can vary of course.  Leaving your website is, of course, the last thing you want them to do!

In addition, you should be constantly testing your pages and posts to “tweak” them to encourage this actions.  Do you move the email sign up higher or down lower (cough , cough its OK to sign up!

The best landing pages are ones that you test, change, tweak whatever till you slowly move that conversion dial in the right direction. Anyone that says use this template, theme, layout and then you are done is not focused on converting visitors to customers.


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Anatomy of a Perfect Landing Page

  • Bang One Drum: Stay on message. Don’t confuse the visitor KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid). I don’t care if you are selling hedge funds. Make the language simple and don’t try and sell them everything in the house – one message “Buy My Red Bananas”.
  • Explain In Detail: Detail helps. Don’t keep it top of the page through. The KISS  message is there. But feel free to elaborate what the Red Banana is, how great it tastes, how many bananas will get, how happy previous banana purchasers were. But PLEASE don’t crowd the top of page. Keep that simple
  • Call To Action: This can be a form, a button, a sign up, a Buy Now. It of course varies. Have this front and center and neaar the top of the page. Please, please don’t have a 20 field form or a complicated sign-up process. People will flee in droves.
  • Repeat the CTA: if your page is long put the CTA further down as well.
  • Easy to Read: Make sure your fonts are easy to read, the language is simple, and the sentences are short and don’t use long words that sound smart but people actually don’t know what they mean.
  • Test,Test,Test: Finally test the living daylights out of it. Use something like Hotjar to track how they behave on the page. Are they wandering around looking for info. Are they clicking on things thinking they are links.
  • Modify,Modify, Modify: Whether you use A/B testing or not don’t be afraid to change the colour of a button, a few lines of text. Take out a line, add a line. Check the data and dive in again.


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