Automating Your Marketing

Marketing AutomationAutomating your Internet marketing  is like a dirty word to many. 

Understandable. Like you, there is nothing I hate more than a slew of tweets and Facebook messages that are so clearly automated and scheduled.  Ifyou received Twitter messages from brands on Christmas day you know what I mean.

So you should never automate?

No, quite the opposite.  You should double down on it and become expert at it in the coming year.

I am reading this book on multitasking at the moment. The basic message is you can’t multi-task and you are fooling yourself if you think you can. So trying to integrate your Internet marketing or any task for that matter with other tasks just doesn’t work.

So if you are a blogger and want to share current posts and perhaps some others for the week ahead. The sensible way to do it is work with your tool of choice (mine is Buffer App for scheduling your shares for the rest of the week.

Is this going to annoy people who follow you?

No, not at all.

There are of course some big brands and so-called social influencers who can get away with exclusively sharing on so-called auto-pilot. The reason they can do it because of their authority and usually due to the quality of what they share.

So it makes sense to ditch the multitasking, allocate a small block of time every day to take care of this type of automation of your marketing. 15-20 minutes at some part of the day can really have an impact and leave time for the next task.

When automation of internet marketing does become annoying is when it is clear that there is no organic interaction.

You still need to put some time aside for interacting with people and enjoying your social media. In addition, when you are reading and researching using tools like Buffer allow you to schedule the sharing of material. There are 3 tools that I use that can seriously reduce the heavy lifting and time spent on your marketing.


Marketing Automation Using BufferBuffer (and Feedly below) are my two most used apps for social media marketing. Buffer basically allows you to schedule posts on one or more social media channels.

It integrates with your browser many tools like Feedly and Twitter.  It also boasts a handy iPhone and Android app. I use it nearly every single day for scheduling posts for myself and for customers for whom we do social media management.  If find it particularly useful in the evening when I still read through articles and it saves me having to bookmark and send at a later date (which I rarely did).

It allows you to schedule as far in the future as you wish so for blog posts you can schedule the first iteration and as many more as you want with different social titles and imagery if you so wish.


Marketing Automation Using FeedlyI no longer have the luxury or patience to open up my favourites website one by one. Feedly an RSS reader allows me to look at them all at once in one easy to use interface. From SEO and website design to news and sports I can usually catch up with the top headlines in under 2-10 minutes. Yes, 5-10 minutes that isn’t a typo. I have it open in my browser all the time and it is one of my go-to apps on my phone. I use it for work and pleasure and have 2-300 websites feeding into it.

Here is how I use it for marketing automation. When I see an article that I think my social following might like, I select it in Feedly and add it to my Buffer Q. Then it is scheduled on the social platforms that I want and I can forget about it.

In many cases, I might see 4-5 that I think are interesting and worth sharing. I know it would be a major annoyance if I shared several at once so again I schedule them (using Buffer) for several different social media channels. I can also use Feedly and Buffer from my phone so when I have downtime I can read, share and schedule.


Marketing-Automation Using MailchimpeMail marketing is still a trusted and reliable way to grow leads. MailChimp is one of the many tools that allow you to create emails and newsletters to share with your subscribers.

Creating email lists of targeted customers and followers is a great way to grow your reach and business. It takes a very short time to create a nice template, craft an email and share with your list at a predetermined time. You can write your email when time permits and schedule it at the ideal time for it to be read.



Robot photo by Alex Knight on Unsplash