Banana Picking Jobs in Cork

Many people have a website and go to Google a specific term related to their site and area of expertise and are often delighted when they see they are on the first page of Google.

In many, many cases the only reason they are on the front page is because this search term is not being searched for.  A good SEO company or Internet marketing firm should be able to work with you to at least ensure that you are following the right strategy for your site both for on page text and for off page SEO and Internet marketing planning.

Google provide a free keyword analysis tool that allows you to plug in search terms and determine the level of search traffic for that term.  You just change the country that you want to rank for and put in the words and voilà it shows the monthly traffic for your search terms.

This is the reason for this post’s title.  I can rank pretty quickly for Banana picking jobs in Cork as there isn’t a big demand for banana pickers in Cork (or search volume) but I am pretty sure that it would take me a much longer time to rank for cheap hotels Cork (2400 in August) as this is a very competitive search term.

Don’t believe me.  I will post this today 31st August 2009 at 11.30 GMT and I bet I will be number one in Google for banana picking jobs Cork before the day is out.  Now all I need is to start planting banana trees for my plantation.

Update: I was actually number two on Google 5 minutes later.  This could be a great business idea hiring banana pickers and converting them to SEO experts perhaps?

Update 2: I am now number two as of 10-Sep. To celebrate here is an interesting Youtube video about the weight of the crop of bananas and how big each bunch is.

Information About Banana Picking

Sadly I have actually been reading about bananas and how they are picked and here are some facts that I didnt actually know (well not all of them

  • Bananas are picked before they are ripe to the image of a yellow banana on a tree is usually flawed unless it is for personal use.
  • The yellow colour is actually a side effect of the artificial ripening process they are yellow but not hte bright supermarket yellow.
  • As most of the fruit grows in the tropics the fruit is shipped and refrigerated before shipment to keep it fresh.
  • Cultivated bananas are parthenocarpic, which makes them sterile and unable to produce viable seeds. (Thanks to Wikipedia for that one)

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