Brand Search and Cost

You may not think you are a brand but you are.  Which is why a simple one page website can potentially get you business.

How many times do you say something like

“I know there is a hairdresser/mechanic/insert business nearby and he or she is very good.  I think they are called Carlas Hair”

Then you pull out your phone and search for it.

A huge amount of businesses (small and large) still don’t have a web presence and delay and delay due to a perceived cost. 

Nothing could be further from the case.

Because they think it is too expensive.

It isn’t.  Here are some costs to shock you.

  • A website domain name (per year) is approx €25
  • Storing this website (known as hosting) is at the time of writing €60 per year.
  • Putting a simple landing page with some details (phone, email, an overview of offers, products and services) is about €199

For the landing page it is pretty simple but it captures those visitors and their potential calls and emails.

So for approx €300 you are online.

It’s a no brainer.

Payback comes when someone actually finds you – makes that call and wow you get some new business!