Brand Search and Cost

You may not think you are a brand but you are.  Which is why a simple one page website can potentially get you business. How many times do you say something like “I know there is a hairdresser/mechanic/insert business nearby and he or she is very good.  I think they are called Carlas Hair” Then you […]

Redesign And Getting New Customers

When a new client asks me to redesign an existing website the first question I ask is how the current website is working for them as a business. A surprising number of people don’t know the answer. If I get a reply like “pretty good” or “pretty bad” I know the client isn’t even keeping […]

Anatomy of A Perfect Landing Page

In my opinion, every page on your website should be built with a landing page mentality.  By this I mean you should be encouraging people to take some action when they arrive on your page.  The actions you want them to take can vary of course.  Leaving your website is, of course, the last thing you want them to […]

Experts and Knowing It All

Simple Websites for Business

One of the things I try and avoid with clients and website potential clients is using language that they don’t understand.  It’s easy to sound like a know all expert.  But most people just check out when they start hearing that sort of language. In all our businesses, walks of life and hobbies we have language […]

Social Media and You – Yes You

I could fill my office with hundreds of social media marketing guides, my compilation of blog posts I have read on the topic, numerous how-to guides that I found online, or I could also spend the whole day downloading them to my computer until my fingers go numb and my mind descends into mush reading […]

Kickstart Your Marketing – Email

eMail Internet Marketing

A year or so ago, I set up online court booking for my tennis club.  The club demographic is from 18 – 75 (yes people still play tennis into their 70s and quite well). One of my biggest concerns was the system required the user to have an e-mail address to register for an account. […]

Kick-Start Your Marketing – Content Creation

So many people want to “do well” online, have the ideas, and just haven’t got going.  If this sounds like you read on and by doing these simple steps you will kick-start your marketing. None of this is amazing blinding light stuff but it doesn’t take long, will yield results and most importantly will put […]

Accidental Tourists, Statistics and CRO

CRO SEO and Marketing

It’s no secret, most people want to increase their website traffic. People usually assume that lots of visitors = lots of inquiries, sales and well money. However, the number of site visitors often needs to be peeled back to look at what the typical mix of visitors is. Analysing Website Visitors 101 Let’s say you […]