The Power of One and Conversions

SEO and Conversions

All website owners want customers or sales or clicks when people visit their websites.  Strategic inbound marketing, paid search (Google Ads) and SEO helps this happen but all too often we forget about what happens when visitors actually arrive to our websites.  All too often they don’t  stay too long after all our efforts to get […]

Accidental Tourists, Statistics and CRO

CRO SEO and Marketing

It’s no secret, most people want to increase their website traffic. People usually assume that lots of visitors = lots of inquiries, sales and well money. However, the number of site visitors often needs to be peeled back to look at what the typical mix of visitors is. Analysing Website Visitors 101 Let’s say you […]

Banana Picking Jobs in Cork

Many people have a website and go to Google a specific term related to their site and area of expertise and are often delighted when they see they are on the first page of Google. In many, many cases the only reason they are on the front page is because this search term is not […]