Choosing the Best Shopify Theme

I have often spoken of my lack of love for WordPress themes whether they be free or premium usually because they come with a lot of bloat and add ons that are usually no needed.  Shopify free and paid themes do not have this and I recommend them to our Shopify eCommerce clients all the time who are on a budget and just want a decent fast loading theme.

The reason Shopify has such great themes is that the theme developers with a few exceptions have focused on what makes a good eCommerce store.

  • Clean easy to access Use Experience
  • Great spacing for images and text to help people focus on the product.
  • Implementing the existing shopping cart which is best in class.

The actual Shopify Theme store was closed for a number of years but reopened July 2021 and has a huge amount of themes available.

Admittedly the number of free themes in the Shopify store. isn’t huge but even outside of the Shopify site on Envato and other theme marketplaces the range of themes is above average.  You do tend to have to pay a slightly higher premium (usually in the 150-200 euro mark) but if you are ona budget for your next Shopify store then grabbing one that you like doesn’t usually dissapoint.

Installing Your Shopify Theme

The installation of a Shopify theme is always pretty easy also.  Usually just a couple of clicks.   the one thing to be aware of and this applies to all themes not just ones for Shopify is that you will need your own images.  If your images are poor then they will drag down the final look and feel of your site.  But this is true for any website design.,  We recommend getting the best photos or product images that you can get as images are a critical part of an eCommerce experience.

The Shopify Default Theme

Shopify comes with a default theme out of the box and there is actually nothing wrong with this and it can be customised a little bit as well.  With the release of OS 2.0 for improved editing and blocks you can build out your site using Shopify’s default theme quite well.  This rug website is one that we built for a client recently using only the default theme.  The new Dawn theme is also OS 2.0 ready so is worth checking out.