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CMS Icons for Joomla , Drupal and WordPress

We provide design and development support for a range of content management systems including Joomla, WordPress,Drupal.  For new website projects, or upgrades to an existing site we can provide the expertise and knowledge to help you with

  • CMS Development
  • CMS Design Decisions
  • Troubleshooting Technical issues
  • Upgrades to Your Software and Themes
  • Confirm that your plugins or Add Ons are up to date and work with any PHP upgrades

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Our CMS Expertise

We are experts in website design and WordPress development, Joomla development, and Drupal development.

Whatever CMS you choose they all come with the same core set of features

  • Unlimited page and article edition. Some people for instance like to create their website pages in MS Word and just paste the text into the CMS editor.
  • Ability to insert images and position them on pages
  • Powerful array of plugins or add ons to allow you integrate social media icons, newsletters and many many more.
  • Configurable menus for navigation

If you are looking to create a website using Joomla or need to upgrade or simple design work done on this platform then contact us today to talk about your project. One of our most frequent activites for Joomla nd for WordPress is when your hosting platform have to upgrade your version of Php and we can verify that your version and associated plugins or add ons work OK.

WordPress Website Development

WordPress is an open source CMS that is best known as a blogging platform. It goes beyond this with its wide feature set.

It comes with a wide array of plugins from contact forms to image galleries to allow you to vary your content. With an emphasis on extensibility its array of plugins allow you to integrate tools such as Google Analytics for tracking your site statistics, easy poll integration and RSS feeds to spread your message easier.

It comes with a variety of SEO plugins that help you to work on your keywords on your site to improve your search engine phrases. With its easy interface it is an attractive CMS for use in many environments and this can be seen by the thousands of companies that now use.

We will develop a custom theme for you to show off your brand in the best light.

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Joomla Website Development

joomla website development

Joomla is a popular CMS and has a loyal fan base. It is like WordPress above an Open Source platform and free to download.  It is regularly updated and is free to download.  Download Joomla. In recent years more of the free options a have moved to a premium option so for features like contact forms and galleries for example the free options are not as great.

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Drupal Website Development

The creators of Drupal describe it as more a content management framework (CMF) than a pure CMS. What they mean by this is that the power of Drupal is not how it comes out of the box like WordPress but how configurable it is.

The analogy is like going to a DIY store to buy all the material to build a house (Drupal) versus buying a purpose built house in a housing estate. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Drupal is very powerful and can satisfy most content management needs.

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