Digitalisation Voucher

Digitalisation Voucher

Digital is becoming more mainstream regardless of the industry one might be in. It doesn’t matter anymore if the core competencies might be predominantly analogue, such as the manufacturing and trade industries. 

It’s more essential than ever to take these traditionally analogue businesses and make that ever-important transition to a more digital platform. There are often many moving parts that need to be taken into consideration when doing the change management to switch to a digital platform. 

It’s not only a matter of obtaining a piece of software and integrating it into your business. It’s also not as simple as setting up a website, which can sometimes itself have numerous requirements, subject to what you want to achieve. That’s where the Digitalisation Voucher comes in. 

What is the Digitalisation Voucher? 

It is powered by Enterprise Ireland, the state agency which exists to work with companies that need to get digital now! It’s a voucher that can be up to 9000 euros specifically dedicated to bringing your company up to speed with the latest options for digital possibilities. 

It is most often considered a holistic approach to looking at everything at your company, from its operational aspect, to how it handles customer information to marketing support through the creation of a robust online presence via an engaging website and the proper social media and online channels. 

The voucher allows you to work with any independent agency that helps to bring your business into the digital era. These consultancies will review your current process and major pain points, as well as look for those key optimisation areas that they believe, through their expertise, will likely benefit your company the most. 

Who is Eligible? 

It is an entire process that requires correct handling, and the whole process is carried out digitally. A scorecard that requires the need for assessment helps calculate how much of a budget out of the Digitalisation voucher you and your company will benefit from. 

Of course, it is always on a case by case basis. Still, the sooner you’re able to work with a professional such as ourselves to begin this journey, the sooner you can discover precisely how eligible you will be to partake in this digital journey. 

There are, however, some preliminary qualifications that initially require consideration before moving forward with this. The first one is that it must be an Irish owned business. 

There’s no way around that, as this company focuses explicitly on those locally owned businesses. The other component that needs some addressing is the nature and type of industry you’re in.   

For this specific Digitalisation Voucher, your business will need to be in the manufacturing or internationally traded service sectors. Part of taking the assessment is to confirm precisely these components so that you’ll quickly know this eligibility. 

What types of projects does it cover? 

There are three significant areas that are assessed to help get you the digitalisation voucher, and these are pretty generic. Still, the topics need to be related to these in some capacity. 

Internal Operations 

Internal operations are all about getting your house in order. Your independent consultant will look at ways to bring in a lean solution that will help to optimise the existing business process. 

The idea behind this is to build out a standard operating procedure (SOP) that reduces operational waste and handles easy tasks without too many complications. This is combined with centralising information on cloud-based applications and systems, as well as focusing on automation ideas.

Customer Focused

This is about outreach to your customer, whether you provide a product or a service, and how you connect with them. A question to consider such as; Are you still sending everything manually or using paper pricing sheets to your customers? This will help build out a digital customer journey that will help the flow of your business to run smoothly. 


Data-Driven is about looking to digitise all your data points and an idea of what would that look like? Is it about developing potentially a centralised database to keep all the customer data and orders? 

These points also significantly contribute to a positive customer experience as they make the task of finding information about your customers far more straightforward. It’s about running your business through data and making decisions based on what that data is telling you.

Why does it matter? 

These two industries are considered two of the most lagging during this digital age. That doesn’t mean there aren’t companies, especially competitors, that aren’t jumping to get their business processes. 

There are many moving parts, sometimes literally, that often require tracking down. Because these can be very margin sensitive businesses, with the suitable types of optimisation strategies put into place, these margins for the industry can go from razer thin to something that looks a lot healthier, thus contributing to helping the business continue down this line of growth. 

It doesn’t just help the business overall, but these consultancies also help the people that help keep the business running. From the owners all the way towards the line that’s in the manufacturing plant. It helps to empower employees with these new digital methods and helps to eliminate old practices that seemed redundant and unmotivating. 

There’s also no good reason not to do it, as this digitalisation voucher is all about getting experts to take a look at your company and to help cover those costs. These consultants will come in with a focused mindset on overall company efficiencies and growth, so why not get started and contact us now!