DIY SEO Strategy – Is there one?

If you weren’t already aware, SEO is a recipe of different tools, methods and strategies. These are mostly carried out by professional SEO experts, such as the team here at our SEO agency Cork.

But just because you can outsource the bulk of the work to an SEO web designer doesn’t mean there isn’t room for your own maintenance – if you have the time.

Business owners can create their own SEO weekly strategy, which can make a difference over a long period. Or you could outsource these SEO maintenance tasks to your SEO web designer as well.

But it’s good to know about them nonetheless!

What can business owners utilise?

Here are three online tools that business owners can utilise to create their own weekly SEO strategy:

  • Google Maps GMB Listing
    Google Analytics Reporting
    Google Search Console

Sounds a bit heavy? It’s not too bad really…

Google Maps GMB Listing

Scores of businesses are still not utilising the Google My Business (GMB) tool and updating their business information to Google Maps. This is a shame because the map function is crucial for any smaller or local business seeking local customers.

More than ever, website surfers using the local map to find nearby services, especially considering the wave in “staycationers” during COVID travel restrictions.

You can sign up for a GMB account for free and claim your business, which can then be added to Google Maps, including opening hours, images, reviews and contact details.

Some best practices for using GMB are:

  1. Complete all business information
  2. Update information regularly
  3. Respond to customer reviews
  4. Allow messages to be received
  5. Update photos
  6. Use SEO keywords!

Find time to do this once a week for long-term results!

Google Analytics Reporting

All of our SEO services in Cork are driven by data. We never guess, estimate or assume anything. We use the data to drive our SEO services and business solutions, which is exactly what Google Analytic Reporting is all about.

The dashboard on this programme will provide you with a wealth of information that can be used to devise, recalculate or give birth to new SEO strategies.

Busy business owners may prefer to outsource this task as part of wider SEO services.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is like the SEO first aid kit for website owners. The software will track your website’s performance in terms of keywords and ranking. It’ll also point out any existing website errors so you can get them fixed swiftly.

You can use it to identify keywords that would improve your existing and future website or blog content. Even if you don’t use it often or leave most of the work to your SEO specialist, it’s worth knowing your way around GSC yourself.

Our SEO Agency Cork Can Help!

Get in touch with the team at our SEO marketing company Cork. We’re on hand to help with SEO audits, keyword research and all of your other SEO needs.


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