Don’t Let A Domain Name Delay Your Project

How to Choose a Domain Name for your WEbsite

Choosing a domain name for your new website is important, but it shouldn’t consume your every waking moment if you can’t make up your mind.

Often, I encounter this type of situation with clients where because of not being able to find the “perfect” domain name, it induces paralysis as they try and decide. A short list is created, but only to discover that most of them are already taken. 

As the list gets shorter, they ask for the opinion of their friends and with all the new ideas flooding in, they find themselves going back to the drawing board once again.

Before they know it, precious weeks have passed and yet, the final choice for that perfect domain name is still undecided.

Choosing a domain name shouldn’t take more than two days. If you are taking longer than that, then you need to stop and re-evaluate your priorities. Put the domain name into context with more important things, such as creating valuable content and going live.

Remember that even if your domain name is amazing, it isn’t the only recipe for business success. There are a lot of other factors at play here.

If you are taking more than two days to choose a domain name, then you need to stop and re-evaluate your priorities.

I have recently started doing some SEO work with a company who has a really snappy domain name.  If you saw it, you might say “I wish I had that type of name for my business”. It’s that cool.

After our initial consultation, I did what I always do with a new customer – I installed Google Analytics on their site.

I checked back 3-4 days later on their traffic and again 2 weeks later.  The sum total of their website traffic was under 10 visits per week.  They weren’t even visiting the website themselves. The only traffic in two weeks had been me visiting it.

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 More Important Items than a Domain Name

The reasons for lack of website traffic to any site are endless. Just like the example above, the website was set up in good faith, but after taking a closer look, I found the following areas of concern:

  • The website had only five pages with very little content – in total, the entire website had about 500 words. This isn’t going to get Google excited.
  • The site had no attention to optimisation. This piece doesn’t have to be complicated and time consuming, but simple things like having some relevant keywords in place and good titles makes a difference.  But again, with this number of pages, the potential for optimisation is limited.
  • The business had no social media presence. Once you develop a content strategy (and every company needs one if they are online) then social media is one of the important places to share it.

The three things mentioned above are basic building blocks that you need to pay attention with your Internet marketing plans. 

So in the grand scheme of things, the domain has little or no importance.  Yes, it does help with search in the sense of what’s called an exact match domain (EMD), but it pales in comparison to a solid marketing strategy.  An impressive domain name with no marketing or SEO will just look on helplessly as a domain with an average name kills them with a strategy that works.

Of course, pick a domain name that’s easy to pronounce and one that you can live with for a few years. But, don’t let it sidetrack you from the important things, which is building your online presence.