Product Page for ECommerce

It may sound hard to believe in todays fast moving online society but many eCommerce websites that sell products either have little or any product information for what they sell or have copied it verbatim from another site.

The first approach (none) is a mortal sin and the second means that Google will give you little if any love for duplicating content.

To create the so called perfect product page you first need to understand your customer and what they are looking for.  This may cause you to sniff and say “of course I know that”. 

Great then look at your products that you are selling through your eCommerce website and ask yourself the following question about each individual product page.

  • Is it supplying the information on the product that the buyer wants.
  • Is it easy for them to buy and is the pricing clear.

Product Page – Give the Buyer Information

We all crave information when we are buying something online and it isn’t always just price.  Often for a product you may not have this to hand when creating a product page but you should list all your products and have a content plan for each.  This may sound like a block of work and it is.  But it will drive improved sales.  And you don’t  need to do a hundred a week.  Focus on your best sellers and craft well written easy to read product descriptions.

Think of your own last purchase of anything online.  Did you read some details, check photographs, look for perhaps detailed specification.  Yes to most of this.  And of course the price.  But don’t  think price is the main defining item in influencing someone’s decision.