eCommerce for WordPress

eCOmmerce With WordPress

WordPress does not contain eCommerce as part of its basic package as it is meant to be a content management system.  But with the use of paid and free plugins you can add eCommerce to WordPress relatively easily.  The most popular eCommerce plugin in use today is WooCommerce and this is what we use for our eCommerce website design projects.

Like the Woocommerce plugin itself it often requires both free and paid additional plugins to add features like custom shipping, customised memail responses and a range of others.  When we work with clients to understand their particular needs we share any added website costs with them that might increase the cost of the overall design and build. 

But we have often built eCommerce sites using Woocommerce with little or no additional plugin costs.

eCommerce WordPress Themes

WordPress is of course built using themes and you can use either a paid or a free theme.  We do not use thie method however as all our sites are design ed from scratch using a bare bones theme called HEllo.  This theme is a pared down simple theme and with our design theme we build, deliver your eCommerce site usin Woocomerce using this them as the base.

We have fround that most free wordpress themes and paid as well cvome with uneccesary bloart that slow downs sites and like mentioned above can incurr licensing costs over time for add ons tha may nake the free wordpress theme look great but have a freemium subscription to add special features.

Is wordpress Good for ECommerce?

This is quite a difficult question to answer as we build sites ona range of platforms for a range of different reasons from Shopify to Wix and all for different reasons.  We like to understand what you are looking for before deciding.

WordPress works very well with eCommerce but all platforms have advantages and disadvantages and is difficult to sy one is better for a customer than another without knowing what you wish to do online with your store.

The WordPress eCommerce platform does relay on external plugins so that is something to be fully aware of and part of WordPress maintenance is making sure that all these plugins are kept up to date and your site is backed up regularly