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Why is SEO Important for eCommerce

Think of the last time you looked to buy something.  Studies have shown that 37% of of all eCommerce search engine traffic comes from search (SEMrush) and this data is from 2017 so this number has increased.

Having an ongoing SEO plan to optimise your eCommerce site to capture these eyes is essential.

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SEO Strategy for eCommerce

It is important to have a strategy for SEO for your eCommerce site.  this includes looking regularly at all aspects of the site to ensure at least some of the following are in top condition

  • Product descriptions are extensive and clear.
  • URLS are descriptive and helpful.
  • Meta descriptions are concise and enticing to click (meta description does not influence SEO but it does influence a click from SERPS).
  • Sitemap regularly updated with new products.
  • Create deep original keyword researched content for pages like product FAWs, shipping, guarantees and return policies that make sense.
  • Ensure all images are optimised and have appropriate tagging and sizing.

Optimise Product Descriptions

Product descriptions are the first area that we look to optimise when we do an SEO plan for our eCommerce clients.  All too often we see clients that have built product pages with the following problems.

  • Product descriptions with little or no text.
  • Product information copied verbatim from another site so this means that there is duplicate content and Google will reward the original not the copy.
  • Poor product photography 

All of this can be easily fixed by doing the following.

  • Create a Product SEO plan where you go through each product and add detail that will help customers and be unique.
  • Source better photos from your supplier or in the absence of this take your own photos. Use a consistent background for all your products for better branding.  Some of our clients buy custom photo booths but a good camera phone with a bright clean area will do if you are on a budget.
  • Deep Detail: We are dealing with a customer base who are information hungry so there is never enough detail.  It needn’t be front and centre and can be with additional links or tabs on the product page to help people research


URL stands for Universal REsource Locator or in simple terms a link.  Why should this concern you?  Well it should.  A lot of eCommerce systems generate a complex non descriptive link name when you create a product. 

The link name is important as it is a ranking factor.  SO a link like new-nike-running-shoes-zoom50 is better than product?12e34.php.

All eCommerce systems allow you to set the format of your URL and if yours doesn’t get in touch and we will be glad to do a URL audit of your site.

Keywords for SEO for eCommerce

Keyword research for SOE may sound like a complicated term but it isn’t.  There are lots of tools out there that can help you determine which products on your store have actual search volume, their difficulty and if using Google Ads the Cost Per Click which is an indicator of their difficulty.

Search volume tells you how much interest a particular product keyword or keywords has for consumers. A high search volume indicates greater popularity, which means you’ll get more searches for that keyword.

Just diving in without proper research and creating product information without a plan is a waste of your time and won’t generate traffic