eCommerce Website Design and Development

eCommerce website and development is largely misunderstood or at best considered to be just creating a website online.  Of course nothing could be further from the truth.  Design and development of a working online storeeCommerce

is an ongoing task.

This may sound counter intuitive but once you set up a website to sell online you should be working on focusing on what pages are working, analysing your analytics and drilling down into the areas that are working and improving them and improving areas that may not be working.

A simple design and development task list for an eCommerce website should cover the following

  • Improving site load speed.
  • Building product specific landing pages
  • Doing A/B testing on pages that  are getting decent traffic to improve them.
  • Similarly for marketing looking at what marketing works and is driving the most traffic.
  • Looking at you checkout process to see what is working and where people are leaving the process.

These tasks should be regularly reviewed and you should measure carefully what is working as part of an ongoing online store evaluation.