eCommerce Website Design – Marketing Strategies

There are lots of great shopping sites out there with excellent designs and very well planned shopping experiences that do not sell anything.  The reason for this is simple .

The site owner has not invested in marketing the site. You may have spent a lot of money on your ecommerce website design in all the right places but unless you invest both the time and money in marketing it to the right audiences it will all have been for nothing.

In fact the time invested is often more important than the money.  There are lots of sites that if marketed consistently and with the right energy can do so with a relatively small budget.  But you still have to do it.

Beautiful sites and great products isn’t enough.  Yes your product may be great,  have a fantastic set of features and the rice the best that is out there but unless you tell others online about it they won’t come.

Search Engine Watch wrote an excellent article on social media marketing plans.  Have a look at it they describe it very well and this should be part of yours as well.

But that Is a Lot of Work

Yes it is.  If you want to make money online then you need to work at it.  You will make mistakes and perhaps go down the wrong paths at times but the work will yield results if you plan and re-plan and work at it consistently.

It is not just about getting traffic to your site either.

GetElastic one of the leading ecommerce blogs said it well in a recent blog post on identifying real customer demands, and then creating products and services that meet them across every touch-point that you need to be thinking of your customer at all points of the process the process and anticipate their changing needs.

eCommerce Marketing Basics

The explosion of social media has been a perfect place for people who sell online to promote their eCommerce site and associated products.  If you can develop a content strategy (imagery and words) and create regular content then the world is really your oyster.

You allocate the time and set up accounts (if you ahvent done so alreayd) on the following

  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

All 4 of these are now intensely visual and if you use a good graphic designer, create enticing titles and lead text you can quickly build a following.  We assume your product is great and useful.

The gold is of course getting a sale but it also helps to get email sign ups to promote your products.  We constantly encourage the creation of an email newsletter and an email marketing strategy for selling online.  People still read their emails despite the above social tools and it you get permission to send them emails with information and product offerings you can over time grow your business and reach.