Why Add Click and Collect to Your eCommerce Website

Ecommerce web design can be enhanced with a range of functions and capabilities, including a click and collect option. Read on to discover more about adding click and collect to your website and why you should do it.

How Does Click and Collect Work on Your Site?

Click and collect works conveniently for eCommerce site owners. Your customers will make orders on your website and either pick a time slot to pick up the order (giving you notice to prepare if needed), or come along to pick it up after a certain time that you specify. Most click and collect functions will ask for payment at the time of ordering using the website’s payment gateway.

The Benefits of Click and Collect

There are many benefits in adding a click and collect option to your eCommerce web design, such as:

  • Opportunity for more sales
  • Adds convenience to the customer
  • Navigates any delivery obstacles you may be having
  • Helps you organise staff rotas in advance

And in light of COVID-19 restrictions, click and collect is a way for people to spend less time in store, or still buy products when your store is closed. Click and collect is a way of doing your bit, maintaining sales and helping to keep people safe right now.

What Businesses Should Use Click and Collect?

Click and collect has been made popular mostly by supermarkets. Shoppers enjoy the convenience of being able to go to their local supermarket and have everything already packed waiting for them to pick up.

But it is not just supermarkets that can benefit from click and collect options on their website. Any retail business that sells a physical product should be adding this function or risk missing out.

Adding Click and Collect Is Simple!

Another reason to ask for click and collect functions in your eCommerce web design is that it is not so difficult to include.

The whole function is essentially a booking system where buyers choose time slots instead of adding a delivery option. You will receive automatic notifications of the buyer’s order, just like you would any other order, and then be able to prepare for their pick up.

It’s not a headache for the best eCommerce web designers, and it can truly help your business grow!

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