Email Marketing Hasn’t Gone Away

Everyone hates spam.

We all get lots of it every day but the importance of email as a marketing tool hasn’t gone away.  If anything, it is even more important as people drift between a wide range of social media tools.

It’s important to remember is that everyone HAS email.  Whereas, not eveyone is on a particular social media channel that you may adore. I often hear people say Facebook is a great social media marketing tool (they’re right, it is) but a lot of people don’t use it or, if they do have an account, only access it sporadically.

Now, back to email marketing. The most important thing for any email newsletter campaign isn’t the design (although this matters) – it is the value of the content within the newsletter itself.  I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of email newsletters that I actually read on a weekly basis.

But outside of this number that I actually read, there are about twenty or more email newsletters that come into my inbox that I may just scan the title and not open.

And most importantly I don’t spend the time to unsubscribe.

So you see, they still have a chance with me. I’m still subscribed. I still scan the subjects. I still may open the email if the subject is tempting enough.

What we’re referring to here is the term Click Bait. Something online that tempts you to click then once you do click – the offer or content is not quite what they were advertising.


Similarly, for email newsletters, it is critical to work really hard on your email subject. You have the chance for the receiver to open your email. Take this chance and run with it.

And no prizes for the next most important part.  The first paragraph needs to be written excellently and convince the person to read further down your newsletter. Whether it is an offer, or just for information purposes, you should work very hard to get people to continue reading.

Email marketing can be simple. You just have to do it right. Does this sound like something your business could benefit from? Get in touch today and let’s make it happen.