EMail Newsletter Design

I am a firm believer that email is still one of the top 3 methods for marketing.  If you can send a well formatted, readable email to people who have voluntarily signed up to receive emails from youthen odds are high that they may become repeat customers.

Keeping email subscribers engaged is often where companies can mess up.

I help customers by doing the following with them

  • Sit down and understand what type of message that they wish to share with their customers.
  • Draft out a newsletter template for a regular email that is simple not too complex.
  • Agree a content plan that is a mix of offers, product information and news.
  • Design and brand emails that are both eye catching and drive clicks.
  • Agree a schedule for sending these emails out.
  • Discuss how to grow their email list through their current online offers.

It’s nothing more complicated than this and the amount of effort put into doing it well generates tangible measurable results.

If you are interested in kick starting your email newsletter game then just use the form above to plan a chat and price out your next email campaign.