The Path To Success Online

SEO and Marketing

You get a new website. Delighted. 5 pages, 10 pages, 15 pages.  eCommerce maybe.  It looks great.  The logo is amazing.  The layout is exactly what you wanted. You sit back and wait for that first contact call or email. And you wait. And you wait. Nothing happens. This is not surprising.  It is very unusual […]

Elementor Workflow

I used to be a Visual Composer/ WP Bakery fan but in the past 3-4 months have been using Elementor and now find it absolutely amazing.  Here is the workflow that I follow to help me create at least the bare bones of a site for clients in record time. This is far from a perfect […]

Getting Online Quickly

It has never been easier get your business online. . The tools and methods to create a web presence are getting easier and easier to find and use. Of course, creating a great looking presence makes all the difference. But I always say, if you are not quite ready for a design, then get something […]

Branded Search

There are many reasons why a business needs a website. One reason that is often forgotten about is branded search. We have all done it. We think of a company that we are familiar with or know of and we say “Google them there”. This is branded search. Let’s say your company name is “Joe’s […]

Brand Search and Cost

You may not think you are a brand but you are.  Which is why a simple one page website can potentially get you business. How many times do you say something like “I know there is a hairdresser/mechanic/insert business nearby and he or she is very good.  I think they are called Carlas Hair” Then you […]

Redesign And Getting New Customers

When a new client asks me to redesign an existing website the first question I ask is how the current website is working for them as a business. A surprising number of people don’t know the answer. If I get a reply like “pretty good” or “pretty bad” I know the client isn’t even keeping […]

Anatomy of A Perfect Landing Page

In my opinion, every page on your website should be built with a landing page mentality.  By this I mean you should be encouraging people to take some action when they arrive on your page.  The actions you want them to take can vary of course.  Leaving your website is, of course, the last thing you want them to […]

The Power of One and Conversions

SEO and Conversions

All website owners want customers or sales or clicks when people visit their websites.  Strategic inbound marketing, paid search (Google Ads) and SEO helps this happen but all too often we forget about what happens when visitors actually arrive to our websites.  All too often they don’t  stay too long after all our efforts to get […]