Get Online Selling in 48 Hours for €100

This is a quick post on you as a business can get selling online in under 48 hours.  This isn’t a designed site, nor has it any bells and whistles.  It allows you add 4-5 products and tell customers that you sell them online.


If you do this yourself then your total spend is about €150.  If you need some help contact me and I will quote you for my time to accomplish below and add in some design as well in the same time frame

List of Stuff to Do

  • Get a Stripe or Paypal account.  Go to their websites to start this process.  This is what will possibly take the longest to get done as you need to accept money.
  • Register a domain is a domain.   Blacknight are a fine Irish company where you can do this.
    • COST: First year €5.99
  • When there also get hosting and an SSL cert.  YOu can’t run a website without hosting and an SSL cert is important for eCommerce.
    • COST: Hosting €60 per year
    • COST: SSL €30 per year
  • Once you have your domain, hosting and SSL cert in place. Then install WordPress on your site.  Blacknight offer a one-click install.  WordPress is free and installing it with the default template takes 10 minutes
  • Install WooCommerce a free open source eCommerce platform.  Takes again abouyt 30 minutes to install.
  • Add your payment provider details in WooCommerce settings.
  • Add your products with prices, images and descriptions.
  • Setup shipping for your site.

Once this is done you are basically ready to roll.  Yes there are a million other things that you can do but this gets you online in 48 hours.  Total costs under €100.

If you aren’t sure how to do any of these things then Google them and find a video or how to on it as there are plenty of them.  If you are scared to death of all this type of thing.  Use the contact form and I can and will help you.