Getting Online Quickly

It has never been easier get your business online. . The tools and methods to create a web presence are getting easier and easier to find and use. Of course, creating a great looking presence makes all the difference. But I always say, if you are not quite ready for a design, then get something up and running even if it is just one page.

There is no perfect solution. Most websites worth their salt are always working to improve the home page and sub pages. Adding content, keeping it up to date, changing an offer, and other tasks.

But if you have nothing online you have nothing to improve on. The logic is simple but often ignored.


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For people on a budget it is completely feasible to get their own self hosted website for under €300-400.  Is it Amazon? No it isn’t. But even Amazon’s first website looked pretty basic in August 1995. But what they did do is modify it constantly based on what their customers looked for and demanded.

Creating something simple and clear with a simple template will allow you to market yourself.  With today’s modern systems, you can create pages and edit them really easily.

I have seen potential clients put off creating websites for many reasons, from not enough time, to not “quite ready” and of course budget.

But having a smart landing page even sets you up and gets you an immediate online presence that you can build on.

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