How Can SEO Help a Small Business?

Our SEO Agency Cork team have been receiving lots of questions about SEO for small businesses…

We welcome projects from businesses of all sizes, and we’re proud to cater to design needs for all budgets and ambitions. But when we work on websites for smaller businesses, the client often asks if it’s worth investing in SEO services.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and includes an array of techniques and strategies to get your website further up the Google rankings.

For example, every word or phrase you type into Google brings up a list of “hits”, also known as a Search Engine Results Page (SERP). To get the most website visitors – *cough* buyers – you need to feature as close to the top of the relevant SERP as possible.

If you’re not doing it and your competitors are, you’re being pushed further out of view from prospective buyers and leads.

A website alone isn’t enough…

In that respect, the key message is that having a website just isn’t enough.

You must have a website that works across all devices and screen sizes (that’s part of SEO too!) and invest in various SEO services to get continually seen.

But don’t roll your eyes at the thought of investing in a number of other services. The returns on your investment can be more than worth it, especially if you feature high enough. It may even be the key that transforms you into a much bigger business.

And small businesses can start by just focusing on one particular niche of SEO.

Drumroll please…

Focus on SEO content

The optimum place for smaller businesses to start is SEO content. You need to make sure your written website content is speaking the same language as what your target market are searching online to find the products and services you offer.

It’s best explained with an example.

We are an agency offering SEO services in Cork. Lots of people who want our services will go online and type in phrases like “SEO Cork” or “SEO agency Cork”.

So, we as a business must include similar terms in our own website content to try and match the search language and feature high on the SERP.

And yes, by including that example we did manage to do a bit of SEO for ourselves!

How to know what content wins?

It’s quite simple really.

You just need to match the language that’s being entered the most on search engines. But that begs the question – how do you know what is being searched the most?

You could use logic or a bit of guesswork, but this is likely to prove ineffective.

The best way to know what your market is searching is through SEO keyword research. An SEO expert will use tools and data to extract the most popular search terms in your niche, and provide them to you to ass to your content.

SEO keyword research can include a lot of helpful details, explaining which phrases are relevant and which should be “attacked”.

Longtail keywords for easy wins

Smaller businesses should start their SEO journey by attacking longtail keywords. These are phrases that are searched with three or more words which typically give more detail and zone in on a location or specific niche.

For example:

You see how the second phrase provides more detail through location?

Chasing shorter keywords and phrases means you have much more competition with large businesses, meaning it’s harder to get noticed.

Ask about our SEO Company Cork, today!

We’ve covered the main points about the importance of SEO for small businesses and how these smaller outfits should go about their early SEO investments. For more help and to ask further questions, contact our SEO web designer team soon.