Is Your Website Speaking to Nobody?

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Inbound marketing is the backbone now of any website marketing strategy. Unfortunately, many websites have no strategy at all.

If you are a person or a business who has never had a website before and plan to create one in 2018 I would strongly advise you to think about marketing from day one.

If you are a website owner and have no metrics or measurements for how your online activities are doing then now is the time to stop right now and start measuring your marketing efforts.

New Websites Don’t Get Visitors

New websites usually don’t magically generate visitors or even business.  Plenty of established websites pay little if any attention to improving their business as well and are missing out 

The only benefit of a website for a lot of businesses is in the area of branded search where people type in your business name to find you.

Most people don’t want to do any marketing themselves or pay someone to help them. 

It’s All About SEO and Inbound

Its all about SEO and Inbound marketing these days and has been for several years.  The companies and individuals who are laser-focused on it are winning.  The people who don’t aren’t even starting.

Allocating some time to even understand where your site is failing through a site audit to identify the most important weaknesses can really help and with this in hand, you can over time make slow measurable improvements to your site, your marketing approach and focus on what delivers customers.

Marketing Costs Money

Whether it is your own time or a company’s time, marketing costs money. The simple algorithm we apply is “How much is a converted visitor worth to you on average”.  For some businesses it can be a lifetime value CLV – Customer Lifetime Value.

How much time and effort you want to focus on marketing your website presence to get this converted visitor and the cost needs be a factor of this?

If you sell Widgets for €1000 then are you willing to spend  €5,000 to get 20 customers from your website a month.  In this simplistic example, the answer is of course yes. 

But many people to whom Internet marketing is a confusing labyrinth of information stall and prefer to focus on making the website look great not acknowledging that at best they will be lucky to get a handful of visitors per month.

But How Much Does It Cost

It varies a lot.  For some businesses a few months focus on improving their site, working on basic content and on-site optimisation can deliver great results.  This is usually when their online competition is modest.  For others, it is a longer-term proposition as they