Increase Your eCommerce Sales With This One Approach

The internet is awash with “quick hacks” to increase this, improve this, grow the other things and none more so than in eCommerce.

But here is one way that with Christmas approaching you can give your online store a boost in sales with relatively little effort.

It is very simple.  Reach out to your existing customers via email with news and as a result it will encourage them to buy from you. You can make them an discount offer if you wish but you don’t always need to.  Here is how to do it

Email is Still King

Email is still a powerful marketing tool.  EVery eCommerce site should develop an email list.  It is eCommerce 101.  If you haven’t then you should start one right now.

Everyone nearly has an email address and people check their emails daily if not hourly these days.  When designed well with solid content a regular email campaign will yield loyal repeat customers.  There are a range of tools you can use for collecting emails and sending email from the built in mailer in Shopify to a wide range of tools like Mailchimp (which is what I use with clients).

Don’t use your standard mail tool as you need to provide a way for people to also unsubscribe.

Before you dash off something haphazard check out some tips below.

Make the eMail Title Interesting

Our inboxes are burping every day with emails from eCommerce sites.  If you have bought from a site before the odds are definitely higher that the email will be opened in the first place. So make your email titles  eye-catching to encourage people to open emails.  You know your client base so spend some time crafting ones that work.

Make the Content Interesting and Personal

No need to tell them your woes and pains but add a little personal touch to the email. we are sick of the screaming banner ads on emails.  Let people see another side of your business or some product insight or an inside look at how the business works or doesn’t work.

Although you may not be a designer doing decent well sized images do help to catch the eye too.  Take some time to use something like Canva (it is free with paid options) to add some extra touches to your content.

Calls To Action

You of course do want some sales so make sure that the signposts to your website are clear.  More and more emails are now read on mobile so make it simple and add buttons and links to places on your site you want people to visit.