Branded Search and SEO

There are many reasons why a business needs a website. One reason that is often forgotten about is branded search.

We have all done it. We think of a company that we are familiar with or know of and we say “Google them”. This is branded search.

Let’s say your company name is “Joe’s Alligator Hunting Supplies” and you are located in Cork. If someone searches for that term in Google then the odds are that you will be sitting up there plum on top of the search results.

Branded search volume only happens when you have an existing presence as a business. If Joe is starting off exclusively online then people won’t have heard about him. But if he has a bricks and mortar shop then customers may want to check his products or see what time he is open or buy from his online shop.

This is why even the simplest of simple websites is so important. People just expect you to have a business website. That’s everyone from the millennial who is glued to their phone, to the silver surfer who checks things on their iPad.

And it really doesn’t cost that much at all to get that simple presence. Price is often perceived as the barrier and it really shouldn’t be. Of course, it does cost to design and create a bespoke site but if Joe just wanted a one-page respectable site for that branded search then he could escape quite lightly.

With hosting (the storage of your site) being about 60-80 euro a year and the registering of about 10 euro then your yearly fixed recurring yearly costs come in under 100 euro (often less). Then using a simple one-page layout you could have a site for a modest cost depending on what you needed and in quick time and at a surprisingly low budget.

Of course, this template isn’t and far far from a branded business site. Once Joe starts talking layout and design, logos, special features, and additional pages then prices do understandably go up.

The biggest obstacle for people like Joe is that they still don’t believe in the value of a website full stop. Let’s look however at branded search very quickly. I know about Joe’s shop and am thinking of interacting with him. I am not standing physically outside the shop but if the shop is open (let’s say its a Sunday and I am not sure) I will do business with him. I Google him and there on that page are his opening times.

Or perhaps I want to know if stocks that new Alligator net – again I search, see his phone number, ring up speak to Joe and of course he has 4 of them. I drive down and make the purchase. I may have gone to his competitor who was online if he didn’t have the presence.

So many people put off going online because they are either Joe and don’t know about branded search (and all the other parts) or they think a website has to be big and fancy and expensive to make a difference. Every business’s product or service costs vary but if you calculate the value of one person searching for your business and buying your products then it is ridiculous to put it off.

Contact me today if you know of any Alligator shops looking to get their online presence started.