Online Marketing – Does It Work?

Online marketing is a multi-billion euro business. An awful lot of those euros are wasted, because an awful lot of online marketing is awful. So leave the billion euros in your wallet for a moment while we talk about why, and how, this money is wasted.

The only people who like marketing are the people in shiny suits who work in marketing. Real people, real customers, don’t like being marketed to. And every day we all get better at blocking it out.

Slapping an advertisement on social media might work once, if you’re lucky. The same ad won’t work a second time. And the third time will only annoy people.

So what kind of online marketing campaign will work for you? Nobody knows. But I know how to find out.

Every business is different. Every market is different. Every customer is different. And on the internet, the rules can change in the blink of an eye.

The only way to succeed is to research, analyse, experiment, measure, and refine what you do until you discover what works best for YOUR target audience today. And then research, analyse, experiment, measure and refine again so you know what will work tomorrow.

Direct emails work for me, for you it might be paid adverts, or social media competitions, or video or one of a dozen of strategies. And no, sitting still and hoping people visit your website is not a strategy.

With experience, we learn what works best for different businesses. We learn where to find different types of customers. You won’t find many old-age pensioners on Snapchat. You won’t find many teenage boys on Mumsnet. Hopefully.

Whatever approaches you take, and that should be as many as your time, your budget and your energy can handle, you need to be doing something. And you need to do it regularly.

Because while prospective customers don’t like marketing, they do expect businesses to convince them of the value of the services they provide. And they expect to be convinced in creative, interesting and new ways. And that’s what turns a prospective customer into an actual one.

Marketing is an exercise. And it’s like physical exercise. You don’t get fit by going to a gym once. You get fit by going regularly. But some businesses get frustrated when they don’t see results overnight, just like some people stop going to the gym when their first go on a treadmill doesn’t turn them into Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The one thing that businesses need to do with marketing is to actually commit to it as results don’t come overnight (despite what the thousands of books, websites, and forums might tell you).

When I work with a business one of the first things I do is set a realistic tempo for their marketing. A tempo that matches their available time, their budget, and the amount of things they need to say. I like to work out a plan that looks, and is, simple.

Big complicated plans with lots of fiddly elements are rarely the answer. You need a plan that fits your business, and also one that fits your calendar. Because no honest marketing company can work without regular input from the client. If both parties aren’t listening to each other then the customers won’t listen to either.

Any size or type of business can benefit from the right type of online marketing plan. And Grange Web Design can help any size or type of business find that plan AND put it into action. Get in touch today and let’s make it happen.


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