Online Success: How To Make Your First $100k Online

We all hear these days about the guy who set up a new business now and is making “millions” online.  I’m a sucker for these online success articles.

“How I made $100K in 6 months” is the sort of headline that always makes me click even though I already know the reasons for the success.  So to save you opening these links here is how you make $100K online in 6 months.

Luck is a Major Factor

You can’t beat a bit of luck.  Right place, right time.  If you are thinking of investing in fidget spinners now for instance you probably have missed the boat.  If you had a container load of them a few months ago you would have been fighting people back with a stick. One client of mine with a party shop had the latter experience and got to enjoy the sight of lines of customers out the door and down the street.  

Luck actually really translates into finding the right product or service at the right time and attacking it with the tactics below. Though, of course, many businesses still fail despite all of this.  Ask any Venture Capitalist.

Research and Learning 

These two words send most people scampering for the door.  You need to research your market, understand the space and then work out your strategy.  There are of course many different strategies but choosing a couple to focus on will help.

Try and Fail

Of course, marketing strategies don’t all work seamlessly first time.  Ask any marketing manager and they will give you plenty of war stories of failed campaigns.  But you have to keep working and trying and failing.

The $100K guys tried and tried again till you bought their magic beans.

Insane Amounts of Hours

Irrespective of the strategy, the luck and the research, all of these guys put insane amounts of time in trying things.  Building their audience, creating content, outreach.  While they are spending this time they increase their knowledge of what works and doesn’t work. They work 80-90 hour weeks to try and make their idea get traction towards that online success goal.  

Many of these madly successful projects are amazing in their simplicity.  You look at them and say “I could have done that”.  But of course, you didn’t.  

Start Small & Market Hard

The idea that your idea has to be perfect, polished and flawless is not only wrong, it’s silly.  Thousands of very successful businesses started off with something simple and rough and marketed it hard.  They took feedback from their first customers and implemented it fast.  They also didn’t implement every last feature that they were asked for.

They then marketed it hard again.

The Marketing

Did I mention marketing

The most important thing in any business hoping for online success is that you build up a loyal following by growing your reach.  The pace of it is up to you and the work above. Ten passionate followers can be of more value to you than 100 people who take the free offer and never use you again.  

How you do it for any particular product, business and service, of course, varies wildly.  It takes research, time and effort. The guy selling you the magic beans who made $100K in 6 months knows that, as in the previous 36 months he lived and scrimped and tried to get probably 10 other ideas off the ground.

There has never been a better time however to launch something that can and will succeed.  

The most important thing to remember is not a click of a button but many many clicks of many many buttons.

Have you got your $100k magic beans idea? Get in touch today and see how we can help get your idea off the ground.

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