Should I Get A Chat Bot for My Website

You see them everywhere chat bots at the end of websites where you can engage with a person and more and more now with an automated bot.

So should you install and use one for your own website.  It all depends on your website traffic.  IF your website traffic is low then a chat bot is something that will be rarely used as if your website is set up correctly in the first place they should be going to more important product, services and information pages.

People tend to use chat bots either when they have problem in finding the service you want or want a quick answer. If your website is low then the level of engagement with one will be low and the chats may not be times when your chat bot is manned.

About 3 months ago I had the Tawk chat bot on this site.  Our website traffic is usually in the 20s per day which we are working to improve as we add some new services in 2022.  Tawk reached out with a free trial of their 24×7 manning of the Tawk.  This means that they have someone checking any messages for 7 days non stop.

Sounded great and it was free. The setup was easy and with a bit of help and guidance they were ready to roll.

In 7 days we got 2 messages.  The bottom line is that you need volume to get a high level of engagement.

In addition a lot of people either hate chat bots or distrust the level of support they get from them.  The Tawk service did appeal to me as if you have volume it is worth paying to have a human to triage contacts.  You of course can man iut your self either from your desktop or with a phone app but Murphys law is that you might miss a contact when you are not available and paying asamm weekly fee for it may save you losing a valuable contact.

But bottom line is work on your number of visitors first.

If you want to focus on an area that will get you more contacts then look at how clear your message is in the foist 4-5 seconds on your website and how easy it is for people to contact you from the home page or any page that people land om.


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