Irish Shops eCommerce Platforms

I dug into these two articles from the Independent website to see what eCommerce platforms they were running  “Christmas Gift Guide: 100 Irish brands to shop local this festive season” and ” 100 Irish brands to shop local this festive season”

My reason for this was that I was interested from a business perspective on what eCommerce platforms Irish businesses were choosing.

For instance 8-9 years ago Magento was a hugely popular platform that I built several eCommerce sites on and of all the sites below only 2-3 now use this platform.

For nearly 7-8  years I have built sites using the WordPress/WooCommerce combination and this has the largest footprint of eCommerce sites on the Grange portfolio.

During the pandemic and the growth in eCommerce fuelled largely by the LEO eCommerce Online Voucher scheme many customers were explicitly asking for Shopify.

So I learnt how to design and build using Shopify, I now recommend it more and more and am working on a large B2B site for an existing WooCommerce client as it fits his needs more than WooCommerce (which does it  awkwardly with a mix of plugins)

How I Analysed the Sites

What I didn’t wasn’t exactly rocket science. In nearly all cases I went to the site used the “View Source” option from the browser and doing this  I can tell in 9 times out of 10 what eCommerce platform it is from the code used.  That is why I am great fun at parties.  When I wasn’t immediately obvious I popped the URL into which confirmed my suspicions or showed another technology.. In some cases neither option worked so I just put a note in and moved on

What Does it Show

The technology breakdown was as follows

  • Shopify – 29 
  • WordPress – Woocommerce – 24
  • WIX2
  • Squarespace – 1
  • Magento 1
  • Not Clear – 4 – as in I couldn’t quickly see from their source what eCommerce platform they were running.

What to Read Into the Results

For you a potential eCommerce user

Now this may indicate that there is only a small gap between Shopify and WooCommerce but it looked to me like the older sites were running WooCommerce and the newer ones Shopify (as in newer builds). So Shopify is in the ascent and I don’t  see that changing at all.

I won’t dig into the advantages or disadvantages of either platform except to say for someone who isn’t technical it is far easier to create a Shopify website without a website developer than WooCommerce.  This is  one of Shopify’s unique selling points.

For unique designs and custom code Shopify is like any other platform and you need help if you have unique needs.  Shopify as a company is going through explosive growth and investment and I suspect that in 2-3 more years people will equate Shopify with eCommerce like we equate Google with search now.

For a Website Development Company

It is clear from this that the path I have taken in working more and more with the platform is the way to go.  Shopify is an excellent eCommerce platform with a huge ecosystem of apps and add ons that make it far more powerful than WooCommerce or even Magento (which is barely used below).  For a larger company looking to integrate with EPOS and integrated stock control it is the way to go over WooCommerce.

eCommerce Sites Analysis

    1. We Make Good, Dublin www.WeMakeGood.ieShopify
    2. Mimi + Martha, Limerick – Shopify
    3. The Wilds Café & Lifestyle Store, Wexford – Shopify
    4. Cushendale Woolen Mills, Kilkenny – WordPress -WooCommerce
    5. Drumgreenagh Craft and Design Store, Galway – Shopify
    6. Superfolk, Mayo www.Superfolk.comSquarespace
    7. Damn Fine Print, Dublin – Shopify
    8. Finders Keepers, Waterford – WordPress -WooCommerce
    9. Article, Dublin – Shopify
    10. Wild Side Sports, Cork – Shopify
    11. Surfdock, Dublin – Shopify
    12. Gym+Coffee, Dublin – Shopify
    13. Leyo Yoga, Galway – Shopify
    14. Powercut Clothing, Dublin – Shopify
    15. Cúltec, Offaly – Not clear
    16. McSport, Dublin – Shopify
    17. West Ireland Bikeshop, Galway www.westirelandbikeshop.ieWordPress -WooCommerce
    18. The Kind, Dublin – Shopify
    19. DUO Ireland, Limerick – Shopify
    20. Gill Books, Dublin – Not clear
    21. Siopa Údar, Meath www.siopaudar.ieWordPress -WooCommerce
    22. Tramp Press, Dublin www.tramppress.comWordPress -WooCommerce
    23. Little Island Books, Dublin – WordPress -WooCommerce
    24. De Burca Rare Books, Dublin – WordPress -WooCommerce
    25. John’s Bookshop, Westmeath – Not Clear
    26. Ulysses Rare Books, Dublin Not Clear
    27. Kennys Bookshop, Galway www.kennys.ieMagento
    28. Quay Books, Limerick www.quaybooksstore.comShopify
    29. Stable of Ireland, Dublin www.stableofireland.comShopify
    30. a o i f e, Kildare www.aoifelifestyle.comWordPress Woocommerce
    31. Orca Board, Dublin www.orcaboard.ieWix
    32. MacBees, Kerry – Shopify
    33. Terra Firma, Co Mayo www.terrafirmaireland.comWordPress WooCommerce
    34. Earth’s Edge, Co Dublin www.earths-edge.comWordPress Woocommerce
    35. Zipit, Co Cork, Dublin & Roscommon www.zipit.ieWordPress Woocommerce
    36. Rachel’s Irish Adventures, Co Mayo – www.rachelsirishadventures.comWordPress Woocommerce
    37. The Irish Experience, Co Wexford www.theirishexperience.comWordPress Woocommerce
    38. Pat Falvey Adventures, Co Kerry www.patfalvey.comWordPress Woocommerce
    39. Go with the Flow, Co Carlow – WordPress Woocommerce
    40. Calvey’s Achill Mountain Lamb, Mayo – WordPress Woocommerce
    41. Ardkeen Stores, Waterford – Shopify
    42. Mr Bells, Cork – WordPress Woocommerce
    43. Sheridan’s Cheesemongers, Meath – WordPress Woocommerce
    44. Lir Chocolates, Meath – Shopify
    45. The Virgin Mary Bar, Dublin – Shopify
    46. Killahora Orchards, Cork – WordPress Woocommerce
    47. Grace Diamonds by Gráinne Seoige, Galway – WordPress Woocommerce
    48. Edge Only, Dublin – Shopify
    49. Chupi Jewellery, Dublin – Shopify
    50. Hartmanns, Galway – WordPress Woocommerce
    51. Cogs the Brain Shop, Dublin – WordPress Woocommerce
    52. Rooms for Rascals, Kildare – Shopify
    53. World Of Wonder Toys, Kerry – WordPress Woocommerce
    54. Hopscotch, Mayo – Shopify
    55. Nunaïa, Tipperary – Shopify
    56. Voya, Sligo – Shopify
    57. Stories Parfums, Down – Shopify
    58. Byrne’s, Wexford – WordPress Woocommerce
    59. Nimble Fingers, Dublin – Shopify
    60. Bannon Jewellers, Wicklow – Shopify