Is WordPress Good for eCommerce?

First and foremost WordPress isn’t an eCommerce platform.  When you install it you are getting the free open source content management system.  To add eCommerce to it the most popular eCommerce add on or plugin as it is called is Woocommerce. Sounds a little confusing it can be.

What Is a CMS?

WordPress has been around for over a decade now and started off as a simple blogging platform for bloggers and is still a go to for blogging.  Along with the platform down through the years a huge range of additional plugins both paid and free have come around to add functionality to WordPress and one of the most popular when it comes to eCommerce is Woocommerce which is also free.

So is Woocommerce good for eCommerce?

Yes and no.  First you need to understand that WooCommerce needs WordPress to operate.  you can just “run” Woocommerce on its own.  In addition you need to be comfortable with adding on other plugins to perhaps get additional eCommerce features like packing slips, payment gateways and so on.

The misconception with a lot of people is that it is a simple click and run.  this isn’t really the case.  In addition you need to keep all your plugins up to date all the time so that the site does not get in trouble with security and compatibility.  Let’s look at some of the advantages of WordPress and eCommerce with Woocommerce

Advantage 1 : Its Free

You can run your eCommerce store with WordPress and Woocommerce for free out of the box.   You of course need to pay for a domain and hosting but if your needs are to just upload products and sell them then in a lot of cases there is no additional paid plugin spend.  Yes you can choose to add more functionality with the wide range of plugins to add more features.

The only thing to be wary of is adding too many plugins and having your sire overloaded with multiple plugins and having issues with updates.

Advantage 2 : Its Popular

Woocommerce is hugely popular so as a result there is a huge free ecosystem of support out there to help answer your questions.  Its how I learnt from the WooCommerce site toa a range of blogs, articles and YouTube videos that means I can now build an eCommerce store easily.

Of course you may become bewildered with all the information that is available but as you become more competent with the platform you will be able to harness its power more and more.

Advantage 3 : Its Kept Up To Date

Woocommerce and WordPress are regularly updating their software and security fixes to help you get more out of the product.  but again along with updates you need to make sure that an update doesn’t break anything else on your site so always make a backup before you update your site.