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Internet Marketing for Small business

So many people want to “do well” online, have the ideas, and just haven’t got going.  If this sounds like you read on and by doing these simple steps you will kick-start your marketing.

None of this is amazing blinding light stuff but it doesn’t take long, will yield results and most importantly will put your online presence those few steps ahead of the competition.

Answer The Question

First answer your last clients question with an article.  I

Write a 150-200 word article answering their last question in an easy to read format..  

The more you explain it, the more I don’t understand it. – Mark Twain

You should be a problem solver no matter what your job is. Documenting it for your customers whether it be on a blog or on pages on your website is important for them and also for the Google search engine.

Doing this also allows you use this next time someone answers this question.

150-200 words isn’t a lot but it is a start.  You can make it longer later, add more information and keep it up to date.  But write it and edit it carefully and ideally the language that you perhaps used when you answered the question face to face.

Of course it could be better, longer, more detailed with videos, shining lights.  But if you have done nothing in the past or sporadically, then just do this.

  • Use formatting like lists to break content up
  • Use bold to make important things stand out
  • There are lots of other formatting that can also help. 
  • But don’t go CRAZY.

4-5 articles a month on your chosen topic that answers questions is far better than a blank space.

Time Management

No I am not saying that you should do a time management course.  The perception is that you need to sit down and spend an hour or more doing this.  No. It is perfectly OK to do this at different times.

Write in a notebook (either electronically or other), use your phones notes features, snap a photo for visuals,  , even a Post-It, create a little folder of ideas and KEEP WRITING.

Don’t say you are too busy.  It is a feeble excuse. If you watch 2 hours TV then you can spend 10 minutes writing out a rough layout for a post or page for your online site and social media.

People rarely get an article or post out in one session.  You can do it, but it takes practice (ask a Journalist they re the best).  Normal mortals have to write, spell check, delete and even procrastinate before hitting the post button.

That is OK but doing creating nothing will yield nothing.

Of course what you create may never yield any value but when it doesn’t you do another article, change your language, imagery format (video anyone?).  Then test and try again

Why The Obsession With Writing?

Well people want information and if you aren’t providing it then others will.

Google lives for words.  The best sites (with of course other items influencing them) rely on words and language to be found.


Once you have one article and are creating more then you have something to share with people.  You should be sharing regularly.
My post tomorrow will talk about the basic logic of sharing online and email marketing.

Get WRiting

Photo by Adolfo Félix on Unsplash

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