For the past two years I have been sending out an email newsletter to hundreds of thousands a few hundred people that arrives into their Inboxes on a Saturday morning (the worst day in the week to send email by the way).

The content varies from.


I spend the whole week crafting it (that’s tech speak for writing, deleting, re-writing it and ending up with 150 words).  Sometimes I scrap everything multiple times and sometimes I don’t send anything as I bash my head off the desk in frustration.  But more often than not it falls over the line (if an email newsletter can fall over anything)

Will the newsletter change your world?

Hell No!!

But I think it will make you smile, think about online strategy, and maybe even drop me a line with a question or some abuse.  In the 2 years I have been writing not that many people have unsubscribed so I think that means they like the content or it goes straight to their spam. Not quite sure.

Pop your email in below and you will get the first one this Saturday – bet you can’t wait!


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