No Time

We delivered this website last week.  From contact to delivery it took three weeks.  Here is what the client did to move it along.

  • We had one voice phone call. 
  • She sent me a Word document with information on the project (very interesting business) will be doing.
  • We designed built the site using our usual process.
  • Went back and forward on Whatsapp for comments.  Couple of emails.
  • Some minor edits.
  • Project closed.
  • Oh she left us a very nice review too
Great service, easy to work with and completed the project very quickly. Would highly recommend!!

We often get clients who say they haven’t time to dedicate to the website project.  Our goal is that you spend a little time as possible on the project bar reviewing and providing information that you should have already.  Our goal is to design a great site that displays what you do.

You aren’t designing or laying out the site. We do that.

Time shouldn’t be the reason you delay.