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I read all the news that comes out on Google updates and it is now blindingly clear that they are animal lovers but why the letter P.  This question was the first one that I had when I saw the latest update being called after a Penguin.    But like the detail behind he update we are never sure.

It is now over 2 weeks since it was rolled out and if you aren"t seeing any change in your rankings as a result I am not surprised as lot of these updates are geared towards two ends.  Rewarding people who are doing the right things on their site and punishing those who are trying to game the search engines.

As always SearchEngineLand wrote a nice post on the Google Penguin Update which explains that simply put it is geared to tackling web spam which is still with us and is like doping in sports, people are always thinking of new ways to game the engines.

So don"t worry too much about the animals.  Will the next update be a Piebald?