Its always nice to be associated with a great brand like TEDx and when I bumped into Joan who was leading up this great event I was delighted to be involved with the project. This website was just for a once off event and the goal was to tell people about the speakers and the schedule.

TEDx group have some stringent guidelines for text placement and logo usage so these had to be followed and you will see that with some boilerplate imagery on the site.

They were familiar with WordPress so that was the natural platform to use. I used a core WordPress theme for the base then implemented a simple grid layout for the home page.

Add in a nice cover page and they were ready to roll.

The event went great and I hope it will be a regular event in Cork’s Calendar and the TEDx Women one as these events give Cork a great status.

The Technical Stuff

  • WordPress CMS used to allow owners edit it themselves and add posts to blog
  • Custom logo supplied by TEDx as part of their package
  • Custom style sheet to match the TEDX logo and the red / black colour scheme.
  • Custom Twitter feed and Facebook feed